A hot bowl of noodles and vegetables is (arguably) one of the most comforting and satisfying meals ever invented. This fast version of pho is packed with the good stuff – whole grains from brown rice noodles, protein from frozen peas and tahini, plus all the garlicky and gingery goodness you’ll need. Serve in a big bowl with a soup spoon and – maybe even – a pair of chopsticks!
Estimated: approxi 522.1 kcal

Reach  30% daily nutrition TARGETS


  • 63% Fiber
  • 23% Iron
  • 19% Calcium
  • 884% Vit.A
  • 86% Vit.C
  • 28% Folate


  • Baby bok choy
  • Brown rice noodles
  • Carrot
  • Fresh ginger
  • peas