Pumpkin dumplings


620g of dumplings per bag

Fresh or frozen dumplings are free for local pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in South Australia with $9.99 flat rate per order

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Gluten free flour, Pumpkin, Corn, Chinese cabbage

Spring onions, Ginger Powder, Miso,

Mushroom powder, Garlic powder,

Sesame oil, White pepper

Key TCM Actions & Medicinal Uses: 

Resolves Damp/Expels Worms: dysentery, diarrhea, eczema, stomach aches, hemorrhoids, intestinal worms. Relieves Pain/Calms Fetus/Promotes Lactation: Joint pain and swellings due to dampness, improve lactation, benefit postpartum fluid metabolism (especially hand and feet swelling). Some say it is an antidote for opium.


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