Jade dumplings (Spinach)

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500g of dumplings per bag

Fresh or frozen dumplings are free for local pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in South Australia with $14.99 flat rate per order

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Gluten free flour, Spinach, Corn, Chinese cabbage

Spring onions, Ginger Powder, Miso,

Mushroom powder, Garlic powder,

Sesame oil, White pepper

Spinach and constipation

Health effects of spinach

i) Clear the intestine and improve bowel movement

In many Ancient Chinese herbal and diet therapy books it mentions how spinach can clear the intestines and regulate bowl movement. The book ‘Ben Cao Qiu Zhen’ records that spinach tastes sweet, it has cold characteristics and after eating it mainly acts upon the intestines and stomach channels. So if you have hard and dry darker stool, smelly stool and wind; this indicates that your intestines are sluggish and is causing heat and toxins to accumulate. It is best to eat spinach 3 or 4 times a week until your bowl movements are more regular.

ii) Clear body heat and reduce the symptoms of diabetes

Chinese medicine considers diabetes being due to different organ disorders. It is believed that a type of diabetes is due to heat in digestion they symptoms are; increase in thirst, increase in hunger, body being hot. An Ancient book “Ben cao gang mu” mentions that the stalk of spinach can help diabetes by improving digestion, to increase metabolism (to break food down quicker) and clear the heat in the intestine. (The stalk which is effective in improving diabetes is of reddish colour and is located close to the root.) I suggest that if you have diabetes with the symptoms mentioned above, do not waste the stalk as it can be very beneficial!


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