Celery dumplings


500g of dumplings per bag

Fresh or frozen dumplings are free for local pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in South Australia with $14.99 flat rate per order

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Gluten free flour, Celery, Corn, Chinese cabbage

Spring onions, Ginger Powder, Miso,

Mushroom powder, Garlic powder,

Sesame oil, White pepper

Healing Properties:

1. Benefits the Stomach; improves digestion, cools stomach heat and can reduce appetite due to stomach heat

2. Tonifies or benefits the Spleen/Pancreas, tonifies or strengthens Spleen Qi (Qi=vital energy)

3. Soothes an irritated Liver, cools heat in the liver

4. Dries dampness in the body that often comes with Spleen Qi Deficiency or dietary choices.

5. Purifies the blood

6. Pacifies or reduces such “wind” conditions as vertigo and nervousness

7. Promotes sweating

8. Cools such excess heat conditions in the body as burning urine, blood in the urine, acne and canker sores

-Dr. Glenn Eichenauer


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