Carrot dumplings

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500g of dumplings per bag

Fresh or frozen dumplings are free for local pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in South Australia with $14.99 flat rate per order



Gluten free flour, Carrot, Corn, Chinese cabbage

Spring onions, Ginger Powder, Miso,

Mushroom powder, Garlic powder,

Sesame oil, White pepper

To strengthen the Spleen and remove stagnation of food
 Carrots can aid the digestive system through improving peristaltic movement of food, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is a basic requirement for body growth and health. Therefore, the following people should consume carrots moderately: those with mal-digestion (or suffering from intestinal track diseases, or post-meal bloatedness of the upper abdomen), weakened anaemic individuals, growing or children undergoing puberty, pregnant or post-partum women, diabetics.
Carrots can lubricate dry eyes
 Carrots contain high quantities of carotenes, which are converted into rich vitamins when absorbed by the human body. Vitamins not only nourish vision and reduce eye strain, they help to lubricate the skin through its moisturising and preserving properties. Therefore those individuals below should consume moderately, such as: those who work long hours in front of computers, those who utilises more of their eyes than physical labour, those with ocular diseases, suitable for dry skin, dry vaginal, dry nasal/throat or dry eyes.
For long-term smokers
 A daily glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice helps to protect the lungs, prevent respiratory tract influenza and maintain hormonal metabolism.
 Recent scientific research have shown carrot to have high content of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is able to elevate the body’s natural anti-carcinogenic and immune properties. Those with cancer, or a familial history of cancer, who wish to lift their immune system should eat more carrots.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, those with diseases should reduce diseases; those without illnesses should prevent illnesses.

Allergy & ImmunityDigestive HealthFood & Diet Therapy 8 July, 2009


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