How to get started

by Angeline Yeoh, Consultant Dietitian Nutritionist

How to get started

If you are facing some health and weight challenges, this is a good place for you to start shifting your perspective towards healthy eating. While relying on the conventional medicine approach that could only help manage your symptoms, be your own DOCTOR to your body! Learn to listen to your body. Because no one knows better than you regarding to what your body needs!


Getting to the root cause of your health issue, whether be it IBS, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, arthritis – you name it, by:


  1. feeding your body with the nutrient-packed foods;
  2. develop a healthy active lifestyle;
  3. minimise processed and acidic foods that often result in inflammation and disease.


Your body will start transform and heal itself towards optimal health. You’ll experience improved immunity, better gut functions, increased energy levels, better mood, focus and sleep.


  1. Feeding your body with the nutrient-packed foods


Start feeding your body with a nutrient-dense whole food, plant-based diet in our 21-Meals Weekly Plan with Health Consultation with personalised dietitian’s consultation to suit your dietary needs and preferences.



  1. Develop a healthy active lifestyle


NEWSTART is the 8 key principles to optimal health.


A NEWSTART healthy lifestyle – a healthy balanced nutrition (N), regular exercise (E); adequate water intake (W); regular exposure to sunshine for vitamin D (S); temperance in foods (T) – avoid things that are harmful to our bodies; and eat good foods in moderation (avoid overeating); fresh air (A); proper rest (R); and Trust in the divine power (T) – Express our love and gratitude in every aspect of our lives for the beauty of the creation.



  1. Minimise processed foods that often result in inflammation and disease


It is important to understand that our bodies are under constant attack from chemicals in our daily diet and environment. This doesn’t help when we adopt to a typical western diet consists of highly processed foods that is low in essential micronutrients. Coupled with other lifestyle factors such as excess stress, obesity, and lack of exercise; have all put our immune system under intense stress and hence increase chronic inflammation and diseases.