Healthy plant-based home-made dumplings

One vegan meal a day, keep the doctor away!

Chinese dumplings, also known as Jiaozi. A legend goes that dumplings were  first invented in the era of the Three Kingdoms around 225 AD. Dumplings are one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New Year, as well as year-round in the northern provinces. They look like the ancient golden ingots (yuan bao) used for money, and the name sounds like the word for the earliest paper money, so serving them is believed to bring prosperity.

Mama Ren’s dumplings are freshly made by my mother, my aunt and my grandpa in our Adelaide home kitchen weekly. Following my great great grandma’s vegan recipe, we use only the freshest local farm produce. Fresh or frozen dumplings are free for local pickup or we can deliver to you anywhere in South Australia. 

Whether your goals are weight loss, management of a medical condition or fitness and muscle gain, Mama Ren’s dumplings aims to support you with at least one health vegan meal a day in order to optimise your well-being.